Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Liquid Tape is so cool!

A friend turned me on to Liquid Tape and it is so cool we decided to share it here. We both have Shure earbuds and while they sound amazingly clear and precise and we are both very happy with their performance, they do have a fatal flaw. At the point where the wires enter the buds, over time the wires fatigue, fray and eventually break. Liquid tape prevents and repairs that issue. We thought you would want to know.

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mcgrimus said...

I have Shure earbuds that have some serious cracking where the cord bends around the top of the ear. I've used electrical tape to help prevent the cracking from worsening, but it's not much help (and just looks so pathetic!). A while ago I saw (online) this rubber coating stuff for tool handles and thought that might be the answer, but I never did act on it. But recently I found the brand name for the stuff (Plasti Dip) and saw that it is available at Home Depot. I'm definitely going to get some now! Thanks for the tip, and the picture!