Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Joke book of 1600 year-old jokes

Jokes from the turn of the fourth century compiled by that irrepressible byzantine pair, Hierocles and Philagrius.

From the jokes:
A student dunce orders a lamp from the silversmith. "How big a lamp do you want me to make?" asks the man. "Big enough for eight people to see by," responds the dunce
Someone said to a senator, "I'd really like to see you when you are free for a moment." The senator responds, "And I'd like to see you when you're blind and crippled!"
A young husband asks his wife, "Honey, what shall we do? Have lunch or have sex?" She replied, "By the way, we don't have a thing to eat!"

Delightfully funny, even if they are 1600 years old!

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