Friday, October 21, 2005

World Usability Day

November 3, 2005 is World Usability Day (WUD), an event that will spread the word about making products and services easier to use:

Part of WUD will be the Accessibility Channel -- an exciting, 24-hour global conversation about accessibility and usability:

From World Usability Day (WUD) website:

* On November 3,2005, people in more than 80 locations, and 30 countries around the world will celebrate World Usability Day. The theme is "Making It Easy!"

* Every citizen and customer has a right to expect products and services that are easy to use. World Usability Day events will highlight how this can be achieved.

* From cell phones, to call centers, to customer service websites and more, there are countless opportunities to "Make It Easier to Use."

* World Usability Day events are designed increase awareness of every citizen's and customer's right to expect things that work right. Events will also emphasize the responsibility to drive the development of usability improvements.

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