Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Stealth Surfer USB Flash Drive

This is a product that caters to the extremely paranoid, but nevertheless it is a pretty good idea. StealthSurfer is a Windows PC compatible key-sized USB device that is preloaded with Firefox, Anonymizer, RoboForm, and Thunderbird software configured and integrated for optimum privacy. When using StealthSurfer, all your sensitive Internet files such as cookies, history, and cache are stored on the StealthSurfer device instead of your computer.
A Comprehensive Privacy Solution – ALL integrated under one hood! Preloaded with:

  • Firefox - high-speed browser with enhanced security

  • Anonymizer - anonymous surfing complete network security and IP masking
  • RoboForm - one-click form-fill with secure user ID/password management application

  • Thunderbird - portable e-mail accessHushmail - high security web based e-mail solution

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