Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Ex Libris announces SFX as a network 'service'

From Lorcan Dempsey's (OCLC) weblog:
Ex Libris announces SFX as a network 'service'. As I suggested a while ago, I think that it is inevitable that we will see much more of this type of application. Libraries spend a lot of time managing a systems framework which is increasingly complex. They need to find ways of reducing this mechanical complexity. They should have to spend less time on having to get systems to work, and more on deploying those systems creatively to meet the evolving expecations of users.Ex Libris, the providers of SFX®, the world's leading link server, are pleased to announce a new, exciting subscription service--SFX eXpress. SFX eXpress brings with it the many benefits of the award-winning SFX linking technology while providing a fast-track solution for institutions that prefer not to host a server. Further, new models of subscription service meet the needs of a wide range of libraries, including small college libraries, public libraries, and special libraries.

Link to Ex Libris Press Release

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