Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Orders its Own Spare Parts

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James Dyson has invented an intelligent vacuum cleaner that can order its own spare parts. The gizmo alerts the user if it has broken down or needs a replacement part. The owner then dials the number of the Dyson call centre and holds the telephone receiver to the vacuum cleaner. The machine transmits a message telling engineers what is wrong and orders any new part it needs. Its computer chip even lets them know WHEN it was bought and for how LONG it has been in use.

The cleaner is already in the shops in Japan and British genius Dyson says it will be on sale in the UK soon.

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Anonymous said...

I ask myself, how many times have I just not had enough time in my day to call my vacuum vendor for those necessary, expensive parts?

"Sir, could you put the vacuum on the line? Cheers."