Friday, February 17, 2012

"Take a Look. It's in a Book" from Reading Rainbow (video)


growningrace said...

My childhood <3

Thank you so much for this trip down memory lane. I'm proud to say that I remembered all the words to the song!

Elspeth said...


Favorite children's show EVER. And yes, I remember the lyrics!

LeVar Burton was cool 'cause he was Geordi from Star Trek. ;-)

I loved the book reviews, too. I got quite a few books out of the library on their recommendation!

Thanks for the video!

Elspeth said...

P.S. I'm loving your blog, too! Just started a job as a page (after years of daydreaming in the stacks).

(p.p.s. My URL was wrong in the last post. This should be right).