Friday, December 16, 2011

A 31 word short story by Arthur C. Clarke

Cover Letter

This is the only short story I've written in ten years or so.

I think you'll agree that they don't come much shorter.

(Signed, 'Arthur C Clarke')

21 Mar 84

(Appearing in Analog, ? 1984)

© Arthur C Clarke 1984

The Story

Arthur C Clarke

And God said: DELETE lines One to Aleph. LOAD. RUN.
And the Universe ceased to exist.

Then he pondered for a few aeons, sighed, and added: ERASE.
It never had existed.

From Letters of Note.


Elizabeth @ The Bare Midriff said...

I found your blog during my first perusal through Pinterest (which, by the way, I find both overwhelming and exhilarating). Glad I did - your concept is wonderful and I am adding you to my Google Reader now!

ripley1 said...

That Arthur! Nice to see it! Thanks for writing about it here.