Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bergcloud's "Little Printer"

Little Printer lives in your home, bringing you news, puzzles and gossip from friends. Use your smartphone to set up subscriptions and Little Printer will gather them together to create a timely, beautiful mini-newspaper.

Connected to the Web, Little Printer has wide range of sources, called “publications” available to check on your behalf.Subscribe to your favorites and choose when you’d like them delivered. Little Printer gathers everything it needs to prepare a neat little personalised package, printed as soon as you press the button. You can get deliveries multiple times a day, but once or twice works best–like your very own morning or evening newspaper.

So retro, in a good way, that I really want one!

Pre-orders for Little Printer will open in 2012, when it launches as a ‘beta’ product.

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