Thursday, September 22, 2011

"America's Littlest Library"

"America's Littlest Library": "

The Town of Clinton in New York's Hudson Valley recently christened a bright red British telephone kiosk as "America's Littlest Library." The Book Booth, a branch of the Clinton Community Library houses about 100 books and is part of the library's book exchange program. For under $1000, the library's Friends' group created the branch library from the classic British telephone booth. The idea came from Claudia Cooley, a library Friend, who was familiar with the recent British trend of transforming no longer used booths into art galleries, toilets, and, in one case, a pub. Cooley envisioned upcycling the booth, which had long stood outside a local café, as a way to bring together a community that does not have a town center.

From Peter Scott's Library blog (Via Celia's.)

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