Thursday, February 10, 2011

The art of Charles Weed

Through a friend I have discovered the art of Charles Weed and find it to be so hauntingly beautiful I had to blog it here. Charles Weed was awarded a teaching position at the Florence Academy of Art early on in his career. Since then, his work has become widely sought after by his colleagues and mentors alike, which is quite telling of his talent and expertise. While he may be best known for his landscapes and pastoral scenes, the two noted portraiture pieces of this body of work include Portrait of Girl with a Dove and Girl with Pomegranates. Full of texture, these large scale oil on canvas paintings are captivating due to their subject matter and composition. The luminous skin tones of the women along with the impeccable detail of their hands create two compositions of very intriguing women. Among the landscapes include Morning Landscape and several works portraying ash, beech, and oak trees by the river. His palette is subtle, yet rich, and the power of natural light is played out in every piece. Among all of his works, there are no studies, only fully developed landscape paintings.

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