Wednesday, January 26, 2011

JFK asks for a raise in his allowance

When John F. Kennedy was ten he approached his father for a 30¢ increase in his then 40¢ allowance. His father required the request to be put in writing and the resulting document is at the same time delightful and revealing.

Image courtesy of the JFK Library. A transcription follows the image.

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A Plea for a raise
By Jack Kennedy

Dedicated to my
Mr. J. P. Kennedy

Chapter I

My recent allowance is 40¢. This I used for areoplanes and other playthings of childhood but now I am a scout and I put away my childish things. Before I would spend 20¢ of my ¢.40 allowance and in five minutes I would have empty pockets and nothing to gain and 20¢ to lose. When I a a scout I have to buy canteens, haversacks, blankets, searchlidgs, poncho things that will last for years and I can always use it while I can't use a cholcalote marshmellow sunday with vanilla ice cream and so I put in my plea for a raise of thirty cents for me to buy scout things and pay my own way more around.


John Fitzgerald Francis Kennedy

Found at Letters of Note

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