Monday, November 08, 2010

eBook sales will approach $1billion dollars

James McQuivey reports in his blog that Forrestor research has released a study predicting that eBook sales in 2010 will reach $966 million. By 2015, the industry will have nearly tripled to almost $3 billion, a point at which the industry will be forever altered. Furthermore, only seven percent of U.S. online adults currently read e-books, Forrester found, and that bodes a potential market that is likely ready to explode. According to the survey, current readers of digital material, when asked how many e-books they expected to read a year from now, said 51 percent (would be digital).

And the biggest winner in the e-book sweepstakes? Forrester says it will be … the Kindle.
“Sure, other eReaders have been introduced that are intriguing, but Amazon has a secret weapon: an existing relationship with a large share of all book buyers,” Forrester said. “Four in 10 people who own or expect to buy an eReader shop at Amazon for physical books. Exactly 50% of people who bought an eBook in the past month have bought eBooks from Amazon’s Kindle store.”

“This is why we’re convinced that Amazon’s Kindle store will be the most used eBook store, even on the iPad or any other platform open to its Kindle apps.”

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