Thursday, October 29, 2009

Deepdyve: Like iTunes for Science Papers

DeepDyve was started by two scientists who had previously worked on the Human Genome Project and in a variety of biotech companies. Their work required extensive research and access to countless data sources, yet the tools available for finding Web-based information were frustratingly limited and time-consuming. Furthermore, much of the research materials they sought were extremely expensive and beyond their companies’ budgets.

In 2005, DeepDyve was founded to make scientific, technical and medical research more easily discoverable and accessible. DeepDyve’s online research rental service delivers on this mission. Anyone interested in published research can now gain access to over 30 million articles from thousands of authoritative journals. The site, launched today, offers full-text search of scientific articles along with 99 cent downloads and a subscription service that allows fans of Clinical Chemistry to read as many stories as they’d like.

Found at TechCrunch

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Anonymous said...

Oh - very excited about this -- just today I was thinking they needed to really work on the pricing model for academic articles. I was looking up a journal article but it was behind the firewall, and ordering a copy was $32.

That kind of pricing is prohibitive by any standards, and serves only to keep access to research work siloed in academic institutions.

This is great. Thanks for posting the link.