Thursday, May 21, 2009

Papers - your personal library of science now in your pocket!

Papers for your Mac desktop has been joined by Papers for your iPhone/Touch.

Papers is one of a group of organization/meta-organization software packages for managing collections of things--think iTunes, Delicious Library, iPhoto or Yep, which is for collecting PDFs. But Papers goes beyond the basics of traditional organizing via a plug-in architecture that supports importing, exporting, and searching references and papers from specific scientific and scholarly databases.

Do you have dozens of PDF files from your favorite scientific articles scattered on your harddrive? Do you also try to desperately organize them by renaming and archiving them in folders? But like the piles of printed articles on your desk, you can't keep up with all the new papers you download, and despite all your efforts it has become impossible to find that one article.

Papers helps you deal with scientific papers. Search for articles using the built in search engines, retrieve and archive PDFs, and read and study them all from within Papers, your personal library of Science. Papers lets you import and export reference databases to a variety of formats, such as BibTeX, Endnote, and Microsoft Word 2008's reference format. This makes handling your existing bibliographic databases relatively easy.

The iPhone version was designed from the ground up for a mobile device, Papers for iPhone and iPod touch allows you to take your personal library of science wherever you go. Whether you're at a conference, in class, visiting your peers, or on the road, you always have access to your entire research literature database. With Papers for iPhone and iPod touch, the world's knowledge is never more than the flick of a finger away. Your personal library of Science, in your pocket.

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