Wednesday, November 19, 2008

iMac in every room

Mama Shelter is a Paris hotel that puts a 24-inch Apple iMac multimedia center in every room and has additional computers available in columns and tables in common spaces in the hotel. You have to wonder about the choice of bedside lamps, but maybe you'll be so busy working and writing love letters (Mama Shelter's suggesion of uses for the iMac) you won't have time for reading.

It's an interesting concept and at an affordable price. It demonstrates the growing role of the computer as a replacement for older media forms. Who needs a TV in the hotel room if you can have free internet access and without bringing a laptop! Cool.

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David Booker said...

I have one sitting in front of me right now! An amazing machine that not only allows me to work efficiently, but also manages all my media via a remote control, displays HDTV, allows me access to world radio, lets me video chat with as many as four of my friends simultaneously....just amazing.

I know...your PC might do most of that, too....sorta. But, just look at this thing! It is gorgeous!