Monday, August 04, 2008

Kinda want a Kindle

Amazon’s 10-ounce Kindle, which holds 200 e-books and can download daily editions of a couple dozen newspapers and hundreds of blogs has apparently reached critical mass. TechCrunch says Amazon has sold some 240,000 Kindles since November for near $100M in total revenue - pretty much what was predicted. Compared to the $1B annual business some analysts think Kindle can generate, there is obviously room to grow, but this does appear to be a good start.

As a well-known gadget freak and avid reader (with the Amazon purchase history to back that up!) I am sorely tempted to buy one. It is the memory of those tiny Palm-based eBooks that keeps me from pulling the trigger. I need to see one and so far no one I know owns one!


Tomlin said...
See A Kindle in Your City
If you are near me
I'll be glad to show off mine
It's 8 months old
and wearing fine

Wary Cat said...

I kinda want one too! Love to hear about it if you get one. :-