Friday, February 16, 2007

Yet Another Firefox Plug-in For Libraries


LibX is a new plugin for Firefox that can be configured to work with your library's catalog (if you use III Millenium, Dynix Horizon, Ex Libris's Aleph or the Voyager OPACs) to do all kinds of useful things. Some of the features of the plugin are:

* Direct access to your library's catalog via a toolbar & right-click context menu
* Adaptive context menus that change depending on what (such as an ISBN) is selected
* OpenURL support
* Google Scholar support
* Support for off-campus access via EZProxy or WAM
* Support for embedded cues - graphics that link your users from books listed in other websites (Amazon, etc.) to your catalog
* Support for COinS
* Support for xISBN

The really cool part about this plugin, however, is that you need only to enter some of your library's information into a text configuration file, get a couple of sizes of your library's logo and send them and the config file to the nice folks who created the plugin for Virgina Tech, and they will send you back a file you can then offer to your patrons. They are working on a web-based configuration tool that will allow you to do all this via their web site - that will be something to look forward to as well!! -- Robin Hastings

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