Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Berkeley on iTunes U' free to the public

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Apple’s iTunes U program enables colleges and universities to post audio and video educational content online. While some universities restrict access to posted content specifically to their students and faculty, the University of California, Berkeley has done one better — it’s announced that Berkeley on iTunes U is available to the public, as well as all UC Berkeley students.

“As a public university, UC Berkeley has a tradition of openness,” said Obadiah Greenberg, product manager for webcast.berkeley in a recent statement. “It really speaks to our motto - ‘Fiat Lux,’ Let there be light.”

Webcast.berkeley is the university’s local Web site that delivers course and event content as podcasts and streaming video. This semester, webcast.berkeley has offered 30 courses as podcasts. You can listen to individual lectures or subscribe to courses.

Also available for download are symposiums and presentations on a wide range of topics in the arts, journalism, politics and other subjects. Visitors can also get a taste of U.C. Berkeley campus life by taking an audio tour of the university and listening to highlights of the football season.

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