Monday, February 20, 2006

Wikibooks are coming!

From The Philadelphia Inquirer

Wikibooks are coming. They likely will confront the homogenization, the slow publication and adoption processes, and the need for political correctness in textbook publishing. Wikibooks also could ease the costs of buying, distributing, and replacing textbooks.

Wikis are editable, collaborative, freely licensed online projects.

Imagine your textbook in a new way. Imagine a book that grows as knowledge grows. Imagine teachers teaching the same content contributing their collective knowledge as well as their best strategies and resources to keep the book fresh. Imagine scholars outside the education field contributing their research. Imagine textbooks customized to meet the needs of different locations with different standards or, more important, the needs of different learners.

Wikitexts may provide an equitable solution for the millions of students around the world with some access to computers but limited access to print texts.

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