Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Parents Against Bad Books in Schools: If not so sad, this would be funny

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I think PABBIS (Parents Against Bad Books in School) is a little too interested in in "bad" books. This link takes you to its "SAMPLE BOOK REVIEW DOCUMENTATION FORM." Mild warning for some language.

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Anonymous said...

My son brought a book home from his school library. The book entitled Bone Meal talks about a man and wife who kidnap boys who come to their door. The couple kill the boys and grind them up into pieces to bury them in their garden. Then their teenage daughter wants to get revenge on a boy she knows, so she tricks him into coming to her house and her father kills him by cutting off his head with a shovel and the daughter then eagerly want to drops his decapitated head into the shredder to "make him suffer".
This was in the Elementary school library!

What we need is a policy of reviewing books prior to school acceptance.